Episode 40: Education Research vs Teaching and Supporting New Teachers

Nov 16, 2017

Pete (@mr_van_w) and John (@jfcatto) love The Rock and facial hair.

In fact, we love facial hair so much that if you click on the Movember link in the sidebar, that will take you to where you can donate to Joel Speranza’s Movember charity drive.

Finally, John probes into the disconnect between education research and classroom practitioners and perhaps the need for education communicators.

Then, Pete talks about how new teachers should be built and supported rather judged and weeded out.


John: Why don’t teachers use education research in teaching? – Paul Maclellan



BTW: Flipped Learning is pretty much a waste of time.



Pete: Why Jessica quit teaching: She’d given her heart and soul to those kids but the SLT didn’t think it was enough – Thomas Rogers


Read more at http://teacherstalkingteaching.libsyn.com/podcast/episode-40-education-research-vs-teaching-and-supporting-new-teachers#tTcVbMB0JLEaitRA.99

4 thoughts on “Episode 40: Education Research vs Teaching and Supporting New Teachers

  1. Hi Pete and John,
    Thanks for the podcast. Both articles resonated with me.
    The article about beginning teachers reminded me to tell you about a qualitative study I am doing. I have 4 beginning teachers using my flipped year 9 science course. All resources are provided for them in the LMS including 100s of video lessons, and the group space learning experiences. The feedback from the teachers has been overwhelmingly positive. Instead of having to be up all night learning the content then working out how to teach it and create resources, they are focusing their efforts on their pedagogy, building relationships with students, differentiation and feedback. It appears to be a great way of helping ease teachers into teaching and also gives them a chance to try flipping.
    I also agree with the other articles that Ts don’t read educational resource unless they are doing their masters! I agree that there is a need for education communicators. That is what you guys are doing. My last two blog posts to FLGI were reporting on research http://flglobal.org/to-draw-or-not-to-draw-in-a-flipped-video/, http://flglobal.org/does-pre-questioning-improve-learning/. If you ever need a paper, send me a tweet and i will send it to you!
    Thanks for the great perspectives,


    1. That’s really great and thanks for the kind words – I will definitely be hitting you btw. I love that you’ve totally made liars out of us with the teachers and research issue btw. We’re featuring the pre-questioning article this week to show what ed communication should be like.


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