Episode 41: Teaching Apprenticeships, Prequestions and Pete has another whinge about NAPLAN

In this episode, Pete (@mr_van_w) kick off at yet another downfall in the implementation of NAPLAN and the failings of useful data at a local level.
John (@jfcatto) doesn’t mind the concept of Teach for America/Australia but thinks it sound a bit like a cult of poor implementation.
Pete then backs up with an article by friend of the show Steve Griffiths (@sciencesteveg) about research into pre-questioning enhancing retention of content in flipped videos. 
Next week: The premiere of John and Pete’s new podcast where they discuss what Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson might talk about if he had a podcast 
NAPLAN has done little to improve student outcomes – Radhika Goror 
I Quit Teach for America – Olivia Bloomfield
Doe Pre-questioning Improve Learning – Steve Griffiths


Read more at http://teacherstalkingteaching.libsyn.com/podcast/episode-41-teaching-apprenticeships-prequestions-and-more-about-naplan#co2TYYBIO2eTyQRV.99

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