Episode 44: NAPLAN is Racist and Phones in Schools

Below is a brief description of the episode as it will be posted. This was a particularly hard episode to record and you can hear at the beginning that this was a hard episode to get into – not the jokey warm up stuff but once the article was going. To be honest, I kept a lot of the ridiculous stuff of us warming up to cut back on the rage.
It was hard to get into my article about NAPLAN. Partly because I find the racism of tests such as NAPLAN and their ability to further entrench disadvantage so infuriating. Mostly, however, it was because I’m tired of it. I’m so tired of the racism in Australia being so entrenched in the systems that govern our children.

Pete (@mr_van_w) highlights another (un)forseen problem with NAPLAN and the NSW Governments new HSC literacy benchmark.

John (@jfcatto) uses an article as an excuse to present his opinion on mobile phones in schools.

Episode home

Pete: NAPLAN: 87 percent of NSW Indigenous students need to resit tests – Pallavi Singhal


John: The idea of banning mobiles mobiles in schools is as daft as Canute attempting to hold back the tide – Bernard Trafford (@bernadtrafford)


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