Episode 49: The Edu-Dollop

In this week’s episode of Teachers Talking Teaching – John and I get as close to @thedollop as we ever have.

John tells me a couple of stories and mispronounces names while I sit back and interject like a real weisenheimer. It’s good and it made me happy (mostly you should all tell John that this is a reasonable format).

John (@jfcatto) examines a teaching practice significantly different to his and explores some of the motivations behind this pedagogy. In usual TTT style, he comes to record with no preparation at all and mistakenly refers to a teacher named Ben as Mark for half an hour.

John also presents Pete’s (@mr_van_w) article where the NSW Education Minister makes some positive sounding submissions to the Gonski review despite revealing the underlying misconceptions of politicians talking about education.


John: Am I allowed to sit at my desk – Ben Newmark (@bennewmark)


Also John: Reduce HSC pressure in favour of a ‘growth mindset’, NSW tells David Gonski – Michael Koziol (@michaelkoziol)


Download the episode in iTunes or your podcast service of choice – alternatively http://teacherstalkingteaching.libsyn.com/ttt-episode-49-teachers-sitting-at-their-desk-and-some-good-news-from-the-government 

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